What makes a great party band? Who, what and why?

We understand that there are a plethora of event entertaining options out there. But knowing what makes a great party band is critical. So, knowing what I do, and doing what The Hip Stars Band does, I can’t help but want to weigh in on tips on how to make these decisions. That old line “All the worlds a stage, and all the men and women merely players” I love it, thanks, Shakespeare. I love it because in a live performance every second comes at you as quickly as it passes, so once a moment is played, it’s gone. I love this about live music performance too. It’s basically art in real time and on display. It’s a balancing act between the practised and known, and the chaos.

So what is it that makes one performance different to the other? In a live music performance, each performance will not be the same every time. The crowd won’t be the same as the week before, and the mood is always different. You will never recreate that exact performance again, no matter how familiar the territory (song) or the destination (the applause).

So what makes a great party band? At The Hip Stars Band, we‘ve coined a term called RESPONSIVE ENTERTAINMENT. This term is a way we explain that the success of any event really comes down to the intuitive response to the crowd by the band leader. Not the song list, and not the just the quality of the music played. Don’t get me wrong, those aspects are very important, but there is that extra dimension in live performance that lies in another key ingredient. It’s really about the entertaining expertise of the front man. Any band can sing a song list, but at The Hip Stars, we know that the key is working with musicians that understand this magical and hard to pinpoint thing that changes music to entertainment.

Let’s break down the elements of a great party band so you know what to look for;

The singer – A singer can seduce, can direct attention or even deflect it. A singer can read the crowd and set the tempo. He or she can have the crowd raise their hands, clap, or stomp their feet, sing along or sometimes, do none of the above. Being a singer isn’t just about singing, it’s about personality, and it’s where the intuition of the singer to lead the mood, music, and entertainment is to be trusted and where the magic is created.

What about the musicians? What is their role?

The band – The Band members are also key to responsive entertainment. Think of the band as the life support system, providing the vital organs for an integrated response to the crowd, event, and mood. A band with no drums is like one without a heartbeat. The bass is the backbone that holds it all together. While the guitar and keys combine all that is rhythm and harmony, like the emotional part of the brain that delivers by speaking the international language of music and sound.

So – when you are looking for a great party band for your special day, remember that it’s not just a song list. Go out and see the band. Please take the time to do it – we promise you’ll enjoy it too. What you are looking for is responsive entertainment, people who can respond in the moment, respond with the entertainment required to create the magic. This is the what reading the crowd is all about! This is how a moment turns into magic and magic into a memory. Something special into a special day.



  1. Taylor April 17, 2018 at 5:25 am

    Beautifully written 👍🏼


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