Get to know Hip Star Russ Walker!

You may know Russ Walker as a popular contestant on the 2017 season of The Voice or even as Stan Walker’s brother,
but nothing is more memorable than Russ’s remarkable vocal talents that delight and soothe any soul. Get to know Russ better with 10 fun facts about him.

1. He started playing drums in church at the young age of 11.

2. Russ can do the splits! Impressive..

3. People would often mistake him as a girl singing if they overheard him singing at work.

4. He is 1 of 5 kids.

5. He only sang in church until he was 25 then started doing a couple of gigs here and there.

6. Russ loves a good dad joke..but who doesn’t right?

7. He was the school athletics champ in primary school.

8. One of Russ’ most embarrassing moments was when he became so star struck meeting English singer-songwriter and actress,
Melanie Blatt and could only communicate how beautiful she was. Charmer!

9. You will always catch Russ quoting New Zealand TV Ads.

10. You can see Russ Walker for free at our Live Shows in Brisbane! We have regular showcases across Australia.

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