West Hoxton resident Javier Trueba recently launched The Hip Stars Band, a group of musicians who’ve collaborated to fight for the survival of original Australian music.


Mr Treuba said the band aims to service functions like corporate events and weddings, which many musicians rely on for the survival of a career in regional music.

“We’re not your usual run-of-the-mill band. We’re a collective of musicians nationwide who host regular showcases in cities around the country every fortnight. Clients can go to our showcase and see what we do. From there, they decide what they want for their function,” Mr Treuba said.

“I wanted to rebrand the whole notion of a 1980s-style wedding singer for event-based musical performances. Our band features talent from The Voice and The X Factor and we encourage live music talent where possible.


“We offer reduced fees for event planners who are willing to take a punt with an original playlist. Without original artists there would be no covers, therefore it’s essential we honour these musicians who understand the importance of the service industry by providing them with work opportunities.”

He explained how commercial radio has an impact on local artists.

“In regards to original music, the Government has a radio quota where Australian content is limited to 25 per cent. Some commercial radio stations are getting away with playing 7 to 10 per cent so there’s a lack of incentive for original Australian music to have a good platform for radio.

“We had healthy local content in Australia before but since this agreement in 2005, US music has dominated. It’s difficult for the Australian music scene to get exposure in the market. A lot of our artists are going overseas now.”


The Hip Stars Band also play covers and music in a variety of genres.

“We want to influence the industry enough. We’ll play covers but at the same time we say behind the covers there are also original artists.”


By Madelaine Wong
MAY 15 2018 – 12:14PM


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